New Year, New Intentions

New Year, New Intentions

New Year, new me right? Well, not so much, new year same you, just with new and better intentions. Let all that was last year wash off you and start anew. So many times we get caught up in the hype of resolutions but those ambitions fade. This year let's make changes for ourselves but not for the sake of “new year, new me.”

I have many new intentions for 2021 and I hope you all do too. One of my goals is to be healthier, mentally AND physically! Luckily I happen to work at a place that has many items that will help me accomplish those goals.

Let's be real, I am not going to the gym unless I look the part; and looking the part comes from more than cute clothes, they come from clothes that you love to wear. I love to wear high quality gear that I know will hold together and hide my booty even with the deepest squats. I also want to look toned, I mean who doesn't but let me tell you this new brand All Fenix is amazing! They have super cute clothes that make you look like you haven't missed a day at the gym. They tone and slim like magic! And who doesn't love a pair of magic leggings?

Products: Pebble Sports BraPebble LeggingsNeutral BraNeutral Leggings

These are the two complete sets we have by them and they are both to die for. I really cannot pick a favorite but I will say if you are more of a HIIT gal probably go for the neutral set because the bra is much more suited for that type of workout. If you are more of a yoga gurul the pebble set is going to be just right for you. Both super cute and diverse to mix and match with pieces you already have.

Products: Ribbed Bike Shorts

Also we have these surprisingly flattering bike shorts by All Fenix as well and they are great for people who like to sweat at the gym but don't like the short-shorts that are so popular nowadays. These will keep you covered and will move with you.

Product: Joggers

Sometimes leggings just aren't going to do it for me and I am sure everyone else has those days as well. In those cases opt for joggers because they are still super in but offer more space for those days you just need some extra space - hey nothing wrong with a little jiggle I mean wiggle room!

Products: Wellness Journal, Gratitude NotebookGratitude Notecards

To conclude I also want to mention the importance of mental health. As someone who has seen the struggles of last year first hand working in a public facing setting I know how hard it can be. It's okay not to be okay, but this year I have a personal intention to be more grateful and appreciative of the world around me. So much has changed but there is still so much to be grateful for every single day. At Mod Mountain there are a couple of journals to guide you through this gratitude journey, they are cute and quite helpful.

Happy New Year to all and may this be a year of love and joy. Love yourself and others. Choose to see the joy in this world. You can do anything you set your mind to, so set your intention for 2021 and live it!