How to Make Your Items Last | Caring for Clothing & Handbags

How to Make Your Items Last | Caring for Clothing & Handbags

Last week on our instagram stories we talked all about caring for different items in your closet, did you guys catch our stories and learn anything new?!

The number one thing you all loved was seeing how we care for our sweaters! How many times have you washed a sweater and it just didn’t come out the same? So frustrating! We have a few tips to help keep your sweaters looking new longer.

(From top to bottom: Ivory & Mustard Stripe Lightweight SweaterTeal & Peach Long Sleeve SweaterOatmeal Striped Long Sleeve SweaterOatmeal Bold Floral Long Sleeve Top)

First we love to throw our sweaters in a mesh wash bag before tossing them into the washer to help protect them from any snagging or stretching out while being washed. Second, always wash on cold! The high heats can break down your fabric much faster than cold water. Cold helps them last longer! And finally, as soon as the wash cycle is over, lay your sweater flat, reshape it if you need to, and let her dry!

You guys also loved seeing how we store our handbags. Who wants to see an actual closet tour over on instagram? Let us know!!

Our top tip for storing handbags was, keep them off the floor! 

"Bag on the floor, money out the door" Right?! 

So we put ours in a basket and keep them tucked away on the top shelf when they aren’t in use. Just be sure to line your basket or use a dust bag, especially if your handbag is leather. It helps prevent scratching and keeps your bags nice!

(Pictured above: Kelly Tote bag)

We also like to fill our bags with a pillow or scarves. This helps them keep their shape when they aren’t in use. Again, especially helpful if you have leather or a vegan leather bag.

Lastly, make sure you take everything out of your bag before you put it away! And we mean EVERYTHING! I don’t know how many times I’ve thought, oh I’ll just put this bag away for the weekend & I don’t see it again for four months. You don’t want to find old snacks, or your car keys in your bag four months from now, TRUST US! Lol!!

(Pictured above: Burgundy Felt hatTop Zip Medium Tote BagCarly SunniesChambray Walnut Lace Up Sneakers)

We love sharing our care and organization tips with you all, so let us know what you want to see more of! I’m off to finish organizing my closet…!

Until next time,