Holiday Gift Guide for New Mom

Hi everyone, happy holidays!!! Can you believe this year is almost over? It’s Brooke here today and I want to talk about a holiday gift guide for your girlfriend who just had a baby, or who is expecting a baby any day now. There are so many options for new momma’s, but what do they really need? What do they really want? I can tell you these were my go to when I was a brand new momma & are things that continue to serve me to this day!


Cardigans are like every pregnant woman's best friend, am I right moms? In the beginning you are trying to hide that bump, and toward the end nothing fits and you are either HOT or FREEZING. There is no time for a pull over sweater under the circumstances. Personally, I love a longer cardigan, that way it can be worn with leggings (a growing bumps best friend), and gives you more coverage throughout your ever changing body!

Another reason I love cardigans is because they can be worn postpartum. I always dreaded spending money on maternity clothes knowing I would only be able to wear them for a short time. Cardigans work in every stage of pregnancy & will last for the months and years to come.


Another must have for mom is a good bag. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the designer diaper bags! But sometimes I need something a bit more manageable. A bag is like your house...if the space is there, you WILL fill it, whether or not you need the stuff. Which is why I LOVE this mini backpack. It perfectly fits a few diapers, a pack of wipes, some snacks, my wallet and sunnies, a pacifier & rattle. AND I’m hands free for the outing! Being hands free is priceless when out and about with kiddos.


This goes along the line of cardigans. I love things that can be worn during and after pregnancy. Scarves also make great nursing covers for new moms. I never really liked the traditional nursing cover, they can be bulky and make it super obvious you’re nursing, whereas a scarf is a nice subtle cover for mom and gives space to move!


Shortly after that sweet babe is born, your friend will want to sit down and journal her birth story. There is nothing better than a fresh journal for this new, greatest adventure.

Personally, I’m also a fan of a gratitude journal. Writing down five things I’m thankful for each day has completely changed my outlook on everything. Is that dramatic? Maybe, lol! But it’s totally true! This simple practice can totally transform your life. Those late night/early feedings turn into precious, fleeting time with your babe when you find something to be thankful for. Those aches and pains of late pregnancy become gratitude for what your body is able to do. And this practice moves way beyond parenting!

So there you have my top gifts for new and expecting moms. If you’re in that category tell me what I left out! What things do you love getting in this stage of life?!

XO - Brooke