Gift Ideas for the Fitness Guru in your Life

Gift Ideas for the Fitness Guru in your Life

I love going to the gym and hiking the beautiful Colorado trails! I am sure you know someone else who loves working out or hiking too! I wanted to take some time to come up with a list of holiday gifts that any active gal will love. Here are five of my picks for the fitness guru in your life!


Scrunchies are every active girl’s necessity. I actually really like both types of scrunchies for working out. I think that the traditional fabric scrunchies add a luxe quality to my workout outfit and are super cute to wear on my wrist after my workout running errands. Not to mention they will look great with everyday outfits as well.    

Link to shop: Scrunchies

If I am doing an intense workout I do opt for the Hotline ties. These scrunchies hold my hair in place now matter how many burpees I do and if you know me you know how thick and crazy my hair is! We also have several sizes in these, mini, skinny, regular, and thick. I use the regular. Another awesome thing about these is that they don’t cause that annoying crease in your hair like normal ponytails do. Don’t let the spiral design of these scare you, they will not tangle your hair, they actually do the opposite. I love them and haven’t met anyone who hasn’t!  


Link to shop: Hotline Hair Ties


If you came into this blog and didn't expect to see leggings on this list you clearly have never tried on our leggings. They are our number one sellers and we can hardly keep them on the shelves! My personal pick is the side pocket leggings because I can keep my phone with me when I work out or hike. We do have the ever popular moto style and classic as well. They feel like butter and aren't see through. These will make a great gift for anyone, I promise you! Stick to their true size in these.


Link to shop: Pocket LeggingsMoto Leggings

Baseball/Trucker Hats

We all know that cool girl at the gym who wears a matching workout set and a ball hat. Its a chic look that you should rock too, be that cool girl! We have a couple different styles to choose from, pick a solid for a conservative approach or one with a saying on it to match their personality!


Link to Shop: Distressed HatCabin Fever Hat

Not Gym Shoes

Okay so I hate wearing my gym shoes outside the gym. My Metcons do not need to meet the slush in the parking lot, so if you are like me you will want a pair of shoes to wear into and out of the gym. I think a pair of slip on Keds is the way to go. We have a couple different styles to fit your fancy but I am digging the Olive Double Decker Keds.  

Link to shop: Keds

Alternative Gym Bag

I am not a fan of the traditional drawstring/duffle bag gym bad situation, that's way too basic. I really like to use tote bags instead. We have a few different styles of tote bags at different price points but the Kelly Tote has been a crowd favorite. It is big enough to throw shoes and a change of clothes in but is still really cute. Use this as a gym bag or not your call but it's super functional and roomy. Lots of pockets to keep whatever you need in it and will look cute to wear around town too! 


Link to shop: Kelly Tote

I hope this inspires you with some gift ideas, we are always here to help online or in-store just talk to us! We also have options to make wish-lists to send to the ones you love but need a little help with shopping. Hope to see you soon!