Favorite New Arrivals

Who else has been enjoying the last few days of SUNSHINE?? I have been getting outside, way more than normal and it feels so good! I was inspired by a few of our new arrivals at the store, and I had to share them with you. Right now I am dreaming of back yard barbecues, yard games, and kids running around in the garden. Bright days ahead, am I right?!

SO, here are a few of my must haves from our new summer arrivals.

This tank. I love everything about this top! I love the knit, I love the neutral color and I love the neckline. This is definitely a piece that will live in my closet for years to come. It is such good quality and so flattering.

It can easily be paired with a jean jacket or lightweight trench in the summer, or even a lightweight utility jacket in the colder months.

And this basic T-shirt is basically every millennials dream, right? I once read an article about how millennials love house plants, and call me 30 but YES. YES I DO. This shirt is perfect for basically any occasion. I love that it can be paired with a cute skirt, some colorful bottoms or just a comfortable pair of jeans. You better believe I’ll be wearing this all summer long out in my garden!

Lastly, one of my absolute favorite new arrivals is this tank top. Can you tell I’m in the summer mood?! I love the color of this top, I think it would look so beautiful on EVERY skin tone. I love the light fringe detail around the neck line & how thick the straps are. Growing up my mom never let me wear “spaghetti straps” (insert eye roll at mom..) and now I’m totally the adult who doesn’t feel comfortable in them!! Ha! So I love the sleeve on this tank! It’s also thick enough to cover all the way over to your arm pit, which is a plus for me!

So there you have it. My top three favorites in our new arrivals for this week. Take a peek and let me know what some of your favorites are right now!